Monday, 27 June 2011

butterfly shadows

butterfly shadows flutter before me
as the birds fly through thin air

i walk with beauty beside me
as i breath in and out with each step forward
i think of the future for my children
and how it might be

will all the land and resources be sucked dry
or will the land and resources be soaked to the core

will there be water or fire everywhere
or will the sun be shining at night and the moon by day

or will things remain as they are

where the rights of my blood remain buried for no one see

or will rights be recognized world wide

will we all still have two legs and and two arms

or will disfigurement be a norm
will the government still scheme to give us nothing

or will the government finally come clean
and do the right thing

will police brutality be alive and well
as they use their force to oppress 
will they still investigate each other
as they pretend that justice  is served

will foster care still take our hearts and souls and will to live
or will they find another way.

butterflys flutter around me
while birds are free

while the land owns me not the other way around

Friday, 24 June 2011

unn declaration on rights of indigenous peoples
this document is very important for first nations to listen to. and we need to get our leaders to shake the wax out of their ears and listen to it too before they sign the rights to our land and resources away along with the right to retribution of land and resources already lost!!!

when u can listen to me on air

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i am currently serving on the board at Co op radio and on the national community radio associations board of directors

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a recording of the unn declaration on the rights of indigenous peoples

i feel that this document is extremely important . we as indigenous people need to be aware of this before we sign our rights away within the treaty negotiations.


this is a short film as my reaction to the residential school agreement and the apology  by stephen harper

Mountain Heritage

Mountain Heritage
I take this opportunity to express my feelings during a journey on the rough road to reality along the river of sorrow
 Although I have survived a deadly ambush and feel like a shipwreck 
I will survive I have hope for a better future
 Images of the Church give me a bad feeling.
They become more intense when I think of the damage that the church has done to our children and our heritage
 They remind me of the lost children and the sickness we endured while at their residential schools.
I think we must have felt like birds in an over crowded cage. So many were taken away in a plane
 So many died at the hands of the religion
I wonder if Jesus would approve
 I like to think that he is an activist and that he actually likes Indians and that he would take a stand even if it meant dying on a cross for us again 
So, I find it in my heart to forgive, but, I will not allow them to forget 
 I look to the fire for warmth and comfort in culture
  It reminds me of the big house dancers and the singers 
The smell makes me hungry for my traditions

 When I see the mountains I see a heritage that is resourceful
The mountains make me feel at peace
They make me feel secure. It makes me feel solid
 When I am with the river as it flows it cleanses me of grief
 I reconnect to my family, my mother, my bother and my very own children
The river gives me hope that I will have the strength to carry on in a peaceful manner
The animals, especially those of the sea world, makes my heart beat happily
 The whales give back my heritage and give me a sense of belonging
When I think of those who are gone from this world and are in the spirit world I feel a sense of loss
 Yet I know that if I allow them to enter my thoughts my body will follow the right path
 I heal myself with colours and dreams of a healthy future for my family

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

frank paul update

British Columbia Civil Liberties Association
June 22, 2011
BCCLA to respond to public statements of Frank Paul Commission of Inquiry
The BC Civil Liberties Association will be available today, Wednesday, June 22, to respond to the public statements of William H. Davies, Q.C., Commissioner of the Frank Paul Inquiry. The BCCLA anticipates that the second report in the Frank Paul inquiry, which was delivered to the provincial government in May 2011, will be made publicly available today.
The Commissioner will make his public statements at 1:00 PM on Wednesday, June 22 at the Wosk Centre for Dialogue, Boardroom 320, 580 West Hastings Street (at Seymour).
The Frank Paul Inquiry is the independent commission of inquiry that examined the circumstances surrounding the 1998 death of Frank Paul. The second report deals with the response of the Criminal Justice Branch to Mr. Paul's death. Crown prosecutors made five charge-approval assessments in the Frank Paul matter and decided that no charges should be laid against the police officers that were involved in Frank Paul's death.
The BCCLA was a participant in the inquiry. The BCCLA was represented at the second phase of the Paul Inquiry by Michael Tammen of Harper Grey LLP, and Grace Pastine and Carmen Cheung of the BCCLA.
Carmen Cheung, BCCLA Counsel, 604-630-9758
Grace Pastine, Litigation Director, 604-630-9751